Rshiny  Dash 

The problem I faced

I am a R user who love using R Shiny to do any interactive visual related projects. My colleague who is more familiar with Python love to use Dash to do his dashboard tasks. One day, our manager asked us if we two could work together to create an internal dashboard. We looked at each other and started thinking which path is easier, have me learn Dash from the beginning or have him learn R Shiny from the beginning? Or, any better solution?


After multiple discussions and testing, this is our solution. Use Docker Compose to combine the two apps, and add Nginx to redirect all the traffics to the right places. To make people think they are looking at the same app, we created a menu bar in both R Shiny and Dash app and make sure they all have the same style. The following GIF shows you how to reproduce this in your local machine and how the output looks like. For the source code, check out the Rshiny_Dash folder in my Github repo, choux130/RshinyExamples.